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CustomFit Center is located on the corner of Whitaker and Park Avenue, directly catty-corner from Forsyth Park. We have parking in the rear of the building, off of Whitaker.

Personal Training

Individual 30min Training $35 per appointmentFrom $35 per visit with 10 Individual 30min Training Sessions pass

Have you got the stamina, but not the schedule for the 45 - 60 minute workout? Believe us, we know just how to fire up a challenging half-hour training session. Even if it's the other way around - and you need to work your way up to more intensive efforts - a 30 minute training session with expert focus and guidance is just the thing! You WILL feel better on your way out!

Good-Better-Best Nutrition Session Purchase required to enroll

Includes one in-person consultation with a food journal, fitness and lifestyle assessment with personalized recommendations to optimize your results! Been on the right track but your progress or your energy level have gotten kind of stuck? Well, get with Emma and get unstuck! Get your questions answered and get yourself BACK ON TRACK in one meeting.

Dedicated STRETCHING Session $35 per appointmentFrom $35 per visit with 10 Individual 30min Training Sessions pass

Enhancing your fascia and your flexibility will help you move better, swing better (think golf club or tennis racket), strengthen better (your muscle strength response is directly related to your muscle flexibility), run better, and just plain feel better. Stretching can help reduce muscle tension, tightness, and joint discomfort. Try it, you'll like it!

Small Group Training (SGT)

Group Training - Duo $45 per appointment

Pursue that extra edge, enjoy the camraderie of like-minded peers, with customized, varied modes of training. Training experts guide you to be your best!

Group Training - Trio $35 per appointment

Pursue that extra edge, enjoy the camraderie of like-minded peers, with customized, varied modes of training. Training experts guide you to be your best!

Group Training - 4 to 5 $25 per appointment

Pursue that extra edge, enjoy the camraderie of like-minded peers, with customized, varied modes of training. Training experts guide you to be your best!

Special Programs

New Yoga Year/New Yoga Beginnings $35Purchase required to enroll

Have you tried yoga before but found it boring? Are you concerned about the spiritual aspects associated with it? Maybe you believe you are not flexible enough to do yoga.

Good news, Tina Nelson is here! As Tina will tell you, yoga is interesting. And yoga wants you to be happy with whatever faith you embrace. Yoga will help you become flexible and resilient and strong, even if you aren't already. So maybe this is a good time for you to give it a try...

Send us your questions in advance, info@customfitcenter.com, so Tina can tailor the workshop to answer them. Learn how yoga can help you move and feel better, even if you are doing other kinds of exercise. You will get to try some poses and have some fun with it, yes that's right, we said fun.

$35 registration through January 25. Friendvitation special applies!

"DIET Is A 4 Letter Word!" $69Purchase required to enroll

Wednesday October 24th, 6pm – 7:30pm. A special myth-busting meetup at a special rate with our Precision Nutrition coach Emma Hammond. Counseling catered to answer YOUR questions, so send them in when you register! — Takeaways include recipes to shape up your personal cuisine — Custom macros so you can maximize your tracking — $59 early bird registration by October 15, 2018 / $69 regular registration per person.

The Lean Team $59Purchase required to enroll

Your challenges? Stress, time management, sweet cravings, eating out a lot, too much other stuff going on to cook healthy, conflicting info about carbs and fats, extreme approaches, and did we mention time management? Your solution -- THE LEAN TEAM!

Right here at your fingertips, and the cost per week is about what you spend at the coffee shop every week. Truth be told. It's 6 weeks of accountability and team support, expert advice from our own amazing Precision nutrition coach Emma Hammond, focused steps instead of overwhelming overturning change -- and we deliver it to you online!

Team up, turn the corner, and let's get a grip on this nutrition thing.

10-Day Fat Blaster $149Purchase required to enroll

Come jump start or ramp up your current fitness with our 10-Day Fat Blaster. 30-minute workouts, clean eating, 10 days in a row...who can't do that? Each workout will be unique and allow you to push to your potential. All fitness levels are welcome. Come see how much fat YOU can blast!

PR Challenge $189Purchase required to enroll

Running well is dependent upon the body being strong and balanced. Based on the FMS (functional movement screen), this course will help you improve mobility, stability, balance and strength, which will in turn help you run easier and better and we all know that translates into being faster. Whether you are an avid runner or aspire to start a running program, this course is for you. With 2 weekly sessions you will receive an introduction to new exercises and principals in the first, then have an opportunity to practice them again in the second. Each week builds on the next and before you know it, you will see definite improvement in your running. You might even get to go out and practice what you are learning together in the park - what fun! So, if you have any inkling that you might like to be a better runner, grab your spot and join us!

Group Classes

Bodyweight BOOTCAMP

Who needs equipment, when you own the best piece of equipment – YOUR BODY. Prepare to push YOURSELF with the best of the basics for a heart pounding-muscle pumping workout!

Fleet Feet Yoga for Runners $10 per classFrom $10 per visit with Fleet Feet Yoga For Runners passNo purchase required to enroll

Visit FLEET FEET SPORTS SAVANNAH at 3405 Waters Avenue, Savannah for Yoga for Runners at 6pm every Monday for $10. Bring your mat and learn how much yoga improves your running! You can pre-register and pre-pay, or you can drop in and pay at the store. Sorry, CustomFit Friendvitation does not apply to this class.


Torch those calories, get those lungs and hearts working and drive your energy through the roof! Not much "choreography" here, just big muscle movements and big fun to pump you to prime cardio condition.

Max Mix Core

Break barriers by cross-training your CORE. Tools and moves always changing up so your muscles are never bored -- guaranteed!

Max Mix w/ Yoga

Make a maximal effort on the cardio, push your muscle strength higher and hotter, and then – YES, Yoga – wind down with poses to relax and repair your body. Can't imagine anything better....

S.T.U.D. Bootcamp

This men's only class, (S)trength (T)raining (U)nder (D)irection Bootcamp is about building better reflexes, muscle balance, power... and vitality!


Another great way to “Cross-train” your body….Utilizing the TRX system in a Boot Camp Style…Skills & Drills in a Basic and Powerful Class...Let's MOVE it, MOVE it!


New research backs up all the claims - boost metabolism, build muscle, bolster endurance, best workout in 45 minutes hands down! Serious core work is just the beginning, TRX-Fit will make the best of your body.

If you have never tried TRX, be sure to get to class early.


Go with the FLOW in this smooth and INTENSE workout featuring TRX and stability ball. Deep strength with functional balance-centric moves.


A FANTASTIC way to balance out your other CustomFit classes. Experience yoga for the strength and endurance, and yes -- the restoration!! A mix to give you what you need to get yourself mindfully moving. Remember, flexibility is not a pre-requisite for enjoying yoga. Here is how you enjoy becoming more flexible.

SUPER SATURDAY Bodyweight Bootcamp

The bodyweight boot camp class just got better… The “Super Saturday” version gives the regular class a little different flavor. Come the first Saturday of each month.