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Personal Training

CustomFit offers both 1-on-1 (individual) training and group training of 2-5 people. These sessions are scheduled directly with your trainer on days and times that suit your schedule. Please email info@customfitcenter.com or call CustomFit at 912-441-4891 to schedule yours!

Individual 30min Training $35 per appointment From $35 per visit with 10 Individual 30min Training Sessions pass

Have you got the stamina, but not the schedule for the 45 - 60 minute workout? Believe us, we know just how to fire up a challenging half-hour training session. Even if it's the other way around - and you need to work your way up to more intensive efforts - a 30 minute training session with expert focus and guidance is just the thing! You WILL feel better on your way out!

Good-Better-Best Nutrition Session $125 per appointment

Includes one in-person consultation with a food journal, fitness and lifestyle assessment with personalized recommendations to optimize your results! Been on the right track but your progress or your energy level have gotten kind of stuck? Well, get with Emma and get unstuck! Get your questions answered and get yourself BACK ON TRACK in one meeting.

Dedicated STRETCHING Session $35 per appointment From $35 per visit with 10 Individual 30min Training Sessions pass

Enhancing your fascia and your flexibility will help you move better, swing better (think golf club or tennis racket), strengthen better (your muscle strength response is directly related to your muscle flexibility), run better, and just plain feel better. Stretching can help reduce muscle tension, tightness, and joint discomfort. Try it, you'll like it!