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Group Classes

WELCOME BACK!!! CustomFit Center is open under COVID caution, masks optional at this time and subject to change to masks required. Please Pre-Register for All Classes. We can reset your account, email info@customfitcenter.com for help. All classes are live in the studio, + ZOOM designates classes which are also livestreamed. Pre-register no later than 2 hours prior to class for invite info via email. Facebook Live class video library at https://www.facebook.com/CustomFitCenter

CustomFit classes are led by some of Savannah’s favorite, most expert fitness professionals. Why not try one today? Multi-class plans and passes are available. But you’ll never have to make a membership commitment.

Extend a “Friendvitation”: Your friend (who is new to CustomFit) comes to class for just $10, and you get a $10 credit.

Core Power

Crush your core. Torch your torso. Bet you didn’t know there were so many ways to focus on this area. But we do, and that's what it's all about!
Feeeel the burn radiate from your center, utilizing everything from simple bodyweight strategies to BOSU to bands and more.

Interval Up + Zoom

(H)igh (I)ntensity (I)nterval (T)raining ramps up the metabolism with bursts of intensity between moderate work. Let’s do this mix with a variety of equipment and workout styles. A sure way to torch the calories.

Dyna HIIT + Zoom

Dyna means constant motion! Join us for a cardio interval and core workout that will leave you feeling exhilarated, just like a dynamo should.

Yoga 4 Athletes + Zoom

Best cross-training for any sport is yoga. A perfect way to improve your athletic performance. Life is a sport!

Yoga 4 Athletes

Best cross-training for any sport...A perfect way to improve your athletic performance -Life is a sport!

SPORTmix + Zoom (P.M.)

SPORTmix- (S)trength (P)rogressive (O)verload (R)esistance (T)raining. Who is your best competitor? YOU. What challenges you will change you!

SPORTmix + Zoom

SPORTmix- (S)trength (P)rogressive (O)verload (R)esistance (T)raining. Who is your best competitor? YOU. What challenges you will change you!


The “Super Saturday” class gives a different flavor/theme -- only on the first Saturday of each month...Come check it out!

TRX Muscle Mix

A little of THIS and a little of THAT. Variety will spice up your workout. Using the very efficient TRX with other strength equipment like weights, tubing, physio-balls, and SO MUCH MORE!

TRX Level Up

A TRX station at ground level, a TRX station at standing level, and a freestyle station. Each station a challenge. Feel all systems boosted in this workout.