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Special Programs

CustomFit's Special Programs are designed to teach you more about fitness, nutrition, and your health journey in a fun group environment.

Spring Clean 2018 $79Purchase required to enroll

Next round of Spring Clean 2018 April 29 through May 19!! There's no beating clean eating! Healthy eating yields great results for your metabolism, your immune system, your heart and brain health, and your workouts. Let's Spring Clean and learn in just 3 weeks how simple steps and healthy choices can make you feel better and be better!

The Lean Team $59Purchase required to enroll

Your challenges? Stress, time management, sweet cravings, eating out a lot, too much other stuff going on to cook healthy, conflicting info about carbs and fats, extreme approaches, and did we mention time management? Your solution -- THE LEAN TEAM!

Right here at your fingertips, and the cost per week is about what you spend at the coffee shop every week. Truth be told. It's 6 weeks of accountability and team support, expert advice from our own amazing Precision nutrition coach Emma Hammond, focused steps instead of overwhelming overturning change -- and we deliver it to you online!

Team up, turn the corner, and let's get a grip on this nutrition thing.

10-Day Fat Blaster $149Purchase required to enroll

Come jump start or ramp up your current fitness with our 10-Day Fat Blaster. 30-minute workouts, clean eating, 10 days in a row...who can't do that? Each workout will be unique and allow you to push to your potential. All fitness levels are welcome. Come see how much fat YOU can blast!

PR Challenge $189Purchase required to enroll

Running well is dependent upon the body being strong and balanced. Based on the FMS (functional movement screen), this course will help you improve mobility, stability, balance and strength, which will in turn help you run easier and better and we all know that translates into being faster. Whether you are an avid runner or aspire to start a running program, this course is for you. With 2 weekly sessions you will receive an introduction to new exercises and principals in the first, then have an opportunity to practice them again in the second. Each week builds on the next and before you know it, you will see definite improvement in your running. You might even get to go out and practice what you are learning together in the park - what fun! So, if you have any inkling that you might like to be a better runner, grab your spot and join us!