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CustomFit Team Tot + Zoom

It sure can feel lonely when you're the only grownup, home taking care of an active toddler. You'd like to be active and fit, too, but how on earth is that gonna happen and who's gonna put up with stopping to open a cheesestick or help with potty, etc.?

We got you. CustomFit TeamTot will meet you where you are.

Confidentiality from all participants is required. Laundry not done? So what. Kooky gurgly noises in the backround? No judgement.​

We keep going, you go do what you have to do and we are still here for you to come back to. No apologies needed. We are on your team.

Suggested equipment:​

yoga mat,​ yoga block, yoga belt or static stretching strap - or bathrobe belt,​ chair(no wheels),​ 2 sets of weights (what you judge as a light set and a heavy set - or water jugs or bricks or bags of sugar/flour)

Remember to always sign up in advance, no less than 2 hours before class so we can email you the Zoom link.