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Gut Check Challenge

$69 Purchase required to enroll

This is an all-online course... we have the dates booked on our calendar for Saturdays every week thanks to an admin glitch in the system. This works for you on your schedule.

"Grace under pressure" is a pain.

We are so busy getting all our stuff done that we don't see our patterns until we have a problem. A problem with your digestion can cause a broad spectrum of inflammatory responses. From something as benign as a stuffy nose, to something as serious as diabetes.

Emma will find the patterns. While she's looking, she's going to give you some swaps.

Got that inflated stomach after your meals so you feel like "grace under pressure?" Swap out that miserable-ready-to-burst feeling, swap in foods that lead to actual comfort.

Got cravings? Swap that out, without starving.

Maybe you have energy swings? Swap that out with something steadying to keep you on an even keel.

Ever have weird skin breakouts? Or a super stuffy nose before you head to bed? Does your stomach swell way up after a meal? Swap in foods that calm your system.

Check in with Emma every week. We have a cool app for that, and one you can use to photo-journal your meals. If you'd rather have a checklist document, you can use that. You can message Emma whenever you want with questions.

Do you get tripped up when you go out to eat? Get home late and can’t deal with the pressure to cook? Then you beat yourself up about your willpower, we know. We're going to cover that, so you'll know what to do.

So for the month of February, you are going to check yourself and get your eating balanced out. Registration is open until January 30th.

Cancellation policy If you need to cancel prior to the February 1st course start date, please provide 24 hours notice. Once the course begins there are no refunds.
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